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Mitos del Amazonas - Abel Rodriquez

9 - 25 Feb

Bergman & Van Laake organizes a sales exhibition with works by Colombian artist Abel Rodriquez. The exhibition will take place at the new head office of Christie's Amsterdam.

Vondelstraat 73

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 11-17 hrs

Mitos del Amazonas

After his Indian tribe, the Nonuya, was driven away from the Colombian Amazon region fifteen years ago, due to the violence of the FARC guerrilla movement, Abel Rodriquez started making beautiful, detailed drawings of his native environment from his new home in Bogota. The subject of the drawings is invariably the ecosystem of the rainforest in all its glory. Biodiversity, with all animal and plant species, plays a central role. His great botanical knowledge helped many scientists intheir research. Abel Rodriquez made extensive descriptions of hundreds of plant species and studies in which the relationship between plants and animals is discussed. They show his deep-rooted love for the subject. The drawings thus possess the exceptional combination of visual art and scientific resources. As the peace negotiations with the FARC are nearing completion, the drawings act even as evidence for returning Native Americans. Their land claims are also checked against their oral and visual descriptions of specific trees. Abel Rodriquez normally does not sell, but donates practically everything he paints and draws to Het Tropenbos Instituut, a foundation that is committed to the conservation and research of the tropical rainforest worldwide. Rodriguez was a Prince Claus Fund Laureate in 2014. The fund also hosted an exhibition of his distinctive drawings. His work has not gone unnoticed in the contemporary art world. Comparable drawings were shown last year at the prestigious Documenta in Kassel.