Stichting Amsterdam Art promotes and connects Amsterdam's contemporary art institutions and artists to strengthen the city's artistic ecosystem to make it accessible to local and international audiences.

Since 2011, we have organised the annual Amsterdam Art Week, strengthening the city as a meeting place for (inter)national artists, art lovers, professionals and collectors. Amsterdam Art Week encourages collaborations, special programming and special events among its members and activates their overarching network of visitors and art professionals to rediscover the Amsterdam art world every year.


Applying for Amsterdam Art Week 2024
Would you like to be considered for participation in Amsterdam Art Week 2024? Application is open to organisations that are permanently active in the field of contemporary art. You must meet the following conditions. Your organisation:

  • Has a permanent location,
  • Has fixed opening hours and is free to visit,
  • Is committed to the promotion of contemporary art,
  • Organises at least four exhibitions a year in its own exhibition space,
  • Is an official company, association or foundation and is registered in the Chamber of Commerce trade register.

For the selection criteria and full information on the procedure and selection committee, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions for galleries and for project spaces.

Application procedure
Deadline for application is 27 October 2023. Application is only possible through the application form. With this form you can submit your exhibition plans for Amsterdam Art Week 2024. The invitation committee will evaluate the applications primarily on the artistic quality of the exhibition plan.

The selection of participants will be announced around 10 November. In case of a positive assessment you will also be included in the year-round promotion of Amsterdam Art.

Invitation committee
The invitation committee consists of Hans den Hartog Jager (writer, art critic, curator), Claudio Ritfeld (curator, artist, programmer CBK Zuidoost), Nieck de Bruijn (founder & owner Upstream Gallery), Zsa-Zsa van Eyck (founder & owner andriesse ~ eyck), Laurie Cluitmans (curator) and Andrea Davina (director Stichting Niemeijer Fonds).

Starting date and costs of participation
Is there a positive assessment by the invitation committee? Then you are a participant of Amsterdam Art for the period of 01-01-2024 until 31-12-2024. The costs for participation vary per type of organisation and are listed in the General Terms and Conditions.

No promotion of individual artists
Amsterdam Art does not represent individual artists or artists’ collectives, but only promotes the work and exhibitions of artists associated with our participating institutions. There is no need to send Amsterdam Art a portfolio.


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