Open today from 12:00 to 18:00
Exhibition — Installation, Work on paper

Kyra Sacks | Traverse

As an artist-anthropologist, Kyra Sacks (NL, 1989) explores drawing as a method of research. The works displayed in our project space are inspired by her field sketches and offer a window into not only the lives of others, but also her own experiences. The collection is based on fragments of images and words she collected over the past year during projects in Gambia, Chile, Austria, Bulgaria and the Netherlands. A common thread connecting the drawings is displacement and the search for a sense of belonging and home.

10 Feb up to 3 Mar — Galerie Fleur & Wouter
Open today from 13:00 to 18:00
Events, Exhibition — Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture

(Hidden) Trophies | Britte Koolen & Tim Wunderink

We are proud to present the duo exhibition (Hidden) Trophies by Britte Koolen (1994, NL) and Tim Wunderink (1991, NL). The idea of exhibiting together at Galerie Bart had been brewing in their minds for a while and now the time has finally come! The common thread connecting their work is found objects. Both artists, each with their own distinctive visual language, have created trophies from what lies hidden. 

19 Jan up to 16 Mar — Galerie Bart
Exhibition — Mixed Media, Painting, Photography

CAESURA – Johnny Mae Hauser, Azul Ehrenberg, Aldo van den Broek

In a fast paced world filled with stimuli, even the slightest perception of silence can be significantly valuable. What happens in this fleeting moment of quiet presence?This exhibition brings together a selection of pieces by Azul Ehrenberg, Johnny Mae Hauser and Aldo van den Broek.Group exhibition ‘Caesura’ is on view in the gallery from the 9th of February until the 16th of March.

9 Feb up to 16 Mar — Gallery van Fanny Freytag
Open today from 13:00 to 18:00
Events, Exhibition — Installation, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture

Bart Invites: ‘Strictly Tapes and Friends’

Strictly Tapes and Friends is a group exhibition and series of events on the second floor of Galerie Bart about the cassette tape as a means of communication. Bart invited artist Anan Striker, and Anan in turn invited a motley crew of visual artists, disc jockeys, word artists, graffiti writers, MCs, and a photographer.

1 up to 16 Mar — Galerie Bart
Exhibition — Installation, Photography, Work on paper

nature’s resonance | herman de vries & melanie bonajo

Bradwolff & Partners is pleased to present the exhibition nature's resonance, which opens on 16 December 2023. This exhibition marks the beginning of in dialogue a series of duo exhibitions that will showcase inspiring interactions between two new artists each time over the next year, where their artistic paths meet and intensify in surprising ways. It is with pride that we bring together herman de vries and melanie bonajo for this first meeting in the series. Differing in years of life and backgrounds, they find common ground in their contemplation of the natural world and the traces it traces through our culture. This shared wonder unfolds into a rich fabric of insights, laced with the unique colours of both their generation and their individual artistry.

16 Dec up to 16 Mar — Bradwolff & Partners
Exhibition — Painting, Sculpture

Tincuta Marin | Purring Figure

Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS is delighted to present the work of Tincuta Marin in her first solo exhibition in Amsterdam. Living and working in Cluj-Napoca, Tincuta Marin (1995, Galatia, Romania) is an intriguing painter and sculptor with a spell-binding ability for fantastical and transhistorical storytelling. Driven by an abundant imagination, Marin synthesises different characters and stylistic references from Romanian folklore and ancient civilisations. She does so not in an expressively allegorical way, but rather in an inventive melange of elements and personages she finds fascinating, composed into scenes with a mystical allure.

10 Feb up to 16 Mar — Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Open today from 12:00 to 18:00
Exhibition — Installation, Painting, Textile, Video | Film


For his debut solo exhibition in Amsterdam at Projectruimte 38/40, Doron Beuns presents a series of large-scale knitted paintings within an installation that includes lighting, video, sound, and scent. As with his previous work, Beuns plays on a hysterical post-digital world where perception is dictated by the position we adopt in relation to any given object or subject. Particularly with this presentation, Beuns encourages the viewer to experience the work from various distances, engaging all of their senses and observing how these variables shift our perception over time. Concepts such as good, evil, fear, hope, danger, security, friendship, hostility, decency, and transgression could all transform into one another within Beuns’ universe.

1 up to 17 Mar — Semester9
Open today from 12:00 to 18:00
Exhibition — Ceramics, Mixed Media, Painting, Work on paper

Set in Stone | Rebwar Saed & Hoshyar Rasheed

Hama Gallery is proud to present Set in Stone, the second duo-exhibition in our gallery of artists and brothers Rebwar Saed & Hoshyar Rasheed. Transcending mediums, this colourful exhibition delves into the intertwining artistic journeys of the brothers. Their creative expressions flow together harmoniously, yet both have their distinct recognisable signature. The title of this exhibition echoes both the eternal bond between the artists and their culture, as well as the enduring themes such as nature and resilience that extend throughout their practice.  

19 Jan up to 24 Mar — Hama Gallery
Exhibition — Painting, Work on paper

“Painter on his way to work” – Enrico Freitag

Enrico Freitag's exhibition title takes us into an art historical discourse and at the same time invites us to immerse ourselves in his own relationship to painting. "Painter on his way to work" is a painting by Vincent van Gogh from 1888, which was presumably destroyed during an air raid on Germany during the Second World War. Freitag seeks out a place of longing and enters into a situation that is entirely dedicated to painting and the lived confrontation as an artist, regardless of war and crises, and which also has a connection to the location of the exhibition in Amsterdam.

24 Feb up to 30 Mar — Rutger Brandt Gallery
Open today from 12:00 to 18:00
Exhibition — Installation, Video | Film

The One-Straw Revolution

From 11 February to 19 May 2024, Framer Framed is proud to present the exhibition The One-Straw Revolution, curated by iLiana Fokianaki. The first realisation of Fokianaki’s research into permaculture as a model for exhibition-making, The One-Straw Revolution takes the form of an alternative ecology, exploring sustainable futures through artistic practices that call for de-growth.

10 Feb up to 19 May — Framer Framed
Open today from 10:00 to 18:00
Exhibition — Other


The Stedelijk is renewing its collection presentation to focus more closely on theme. Implemented in three phases, the rehang will highlight work by international artists and designers who question traditional modes of thinking and offer new perspectives. Phase one, Tomorrow Is a Different Day, Collection 1980-Now, is now open, and part two of the redesign will be inaugurated soon. The third and final stage of the new presentation, art and design before 1950, debuts later this year.

31 May up to 1 Dec — Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam