Exhibition — Mixed Media

Homeless Winds | Natalia Papaeva and Minsun Kim

Bradwolff Projects proudly presents ‘Homeless Winds’, an exhibition in which Natalya Papaeva and Minsun Kim  explore the relationship between national identity and language. They discuss people whose personal geography—place of birth, 
upbringing, residence, and ethnic roots—is diverse, and how such individuals identify themselves through their choice of language for communication. Much like ‘homeless winds’ these individuals tirelessly cross borders, immerse themselves in
different cultures, and take on various roles. In their journey, they often strive to create a universally understandable common language, building a world where no language or nation is entirely lost, and everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

29 Jun up to 27 Jul — Bradwolff Projects
Exhibition — Work on paper

The rhythm of ecstasy: the sex drawings, 1931-1948 | Sergei Eisenstein

For the groundbreaking film director Sergei Eisenstein (Riga, 1898 - Moscow, 1948), drawing was fundamental to his cinematic and theoretical practice—if one could even distinguish between them. From a young age, drawing was a recurring activity for Eisenstein. As a curious child, he was fascinated by the graphic work of artists such as Honoré Daumier and Jacques Callot. As his teenage friends would recall, Eisenstein had a true passion for drawing and spent countless hours humorously exercising his imagination. Some of his drawings were published by newspapers in St. Petersburg, and he created caricatures, sketches, and set designs for theater productions. However, he drew most prolifically during his stay in Mexico (1931-1932) for a film project he ultimately had to abandon. The so-called 'sex drawings'—coined by historian Joan Neuberger—that were long kept hidden, are abundant during this period as a result of an emancipation from censorship during an enormously inspiring moment in his career. We see a range of sexual interactions, fantasies, and obscenities in explicitly queer combinations. They testify to Eisenstein's philosophical inquiries, queer sexual expression and repression, and a great sense of humor. Back in the Soviet Union in 1932, he would continue to draw until his death in 1948, but under very different circumstances.

12 Jul up to 3 Aug — Ellen de Bruijne Projects
Exhibition — Photography

Missing Mirror | group exhibition

Since the invention of photography in the 19th century, the technology of the medium has constantly evolved. Image manipulation has always been a part of photography, from darkroom techniques to the magic of programs such as Photoshop. Artificial Intelligence is the most recent development that makes it easier than ever to create images that appear astonishingly ‘real’ but are fundamentally detached from reality. 

31 May up to 11 Sep — Foam
Exhibition — Mixed Media


Female artists earn less than their male counterparts. They are also less visible and are less frequently acquired by museums. This is revealed by research conducted by the Boekman Foundation on behalf of the Niemeijer Fund. The conclusion is clear: more should be written about female artists, their work should be exhibited more frequently and systematically, and there should be a renewed focus on acquiring work by women. You are welcome to attend the celebratory opening of this all-female group exhibition curated by Young Collectors Circle. Participating artists include Shani Leseman, Sarah Mei Herman, and Hedy Tjin. The full lineup will be announced soon.

29 May up to 12 Sep — Capital C
Exhibition — Installation, Sculpture, Textile

On this side of the river elbe | Ana Lupas

Ana Lupas – On this Side of the River Elbe is the first comprehensive overview of the oeuvre of Ana Lupas (1940, Cluj-Napoca, Romania) which opens at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam on 9 May 2024. Lupas emerged in the 1960s as one of the leading Eastern European female artists of her generation. Spanning over six decades, her career is a testament to her resilience and unwavering commitment to artistic expression amid challenging political circumstances.

30 May up to 15 Sep — Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Exhibition — Mixed Media

Manahahtáanung of Nieuw Amsterdam? | Het Inheemse verhaal achter New York

400 years ago the first Dutch colonists arrived in the area known today as New York. Their mission given by the Dutch West India Company was to establish the colony of New Netherlands, with New Amsterdam as its capital, at the southern tip of what is today the island of Manhattan. The Amsterdam Museum has joined with the Museum of the City of New York and representatives of the Lenape —original inhabitants of this area of the United States— in creating an exhibition about this shared history. Looking from an Indigenous perspective, the exhibition examines the decades-long period of Dutch colonization in the area, as well as its consequences for the Indigenous residents and their struggles.

30 May up to 10 Nov — Amsterdam Museum at Amstel 51
Exhibition — Installation


Graphic designer Hezin O throws all design rules overboard with the presentation BHLNTTTX. In this fifth edition of Post/No/Bills, Hezin O fills the monumental niches around the historic staircase of the Stedelijk with seven colorful wall prints. She challenges conventional views on graphic design by completely deconstructing her previous works visually and aurally, by cutting them up, repeating and enlarging them.

30 May up to 31 Dec — Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam