Exhibition — Photography, Mixed Media, Installation

About Photography

8 September up to 21 October 2023
→ Galerie Fontana
Lauriergracht 142, 1016 RT Amsterdam
1016 RT Amsterdam
  • Wednesday 13:00—1800
  • Thursday 13:00—18:00
  • Friday 13:00—18:00
  • Saturday 13:00—18:00
Free admission
Open today from 13:00 to 18:00

We are thrilled to announce our first post-summer exhibition: ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY, bringing together the works of Simone Hoàng and Esmee van Zeeventer.

Technique is at the epicentre of Simone Hoàng and van Esmee Zeeventer’s photographic explorations. Hoàng exhibiting a new series wherein she alters the normalized use of chroma key blue and green screens. Van Zeeventer pushes back against fast-paced changes present within photography by attributing meaning to the processes encountered through analogue practices.

In Hoàng’s newest project, titled “Movie Star”, the screens used differ from each other in terms of colour nuances and material. It is here that the artist proposes a reflection on perceptions of subject. Generally, the technique of chroma keying is used to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video and can be done with any colour that is uniform and distinct, allowing subjects to appear to be in any location without leaving. Hoàng further contemplates the concepts of ‘background’ and technology by considering how one can have a personal connection with their device through the customization of wallpapers yet there is a certain disassociation to the depicted subject. A renowned wallpaper photograph titled “Catalina Island”, a rocky landform located off the coast of Southern California, USA was used as the starting point for this project.

Similarly, Van Zeeventer asks us – what if you can’t distinguish a daydream from reality? A fascination between actuality and fiction, the artist is intentional in including technical ‘mistakes’ as part of her creative process, considering it to be an intuitive way of working, helping Van Zeeventer develop integral understandings of materiality. The artist states that the images created through a lengthy and meticulous process in the darkroom, exist as a fragment of the real world, the mundane. However, through this, there is a fragmentation of what one sees into somewhere that exists in the in-between. The distinct aesthetics of Hoàng and Van Zeeventer are brought together in a discussion touching on perceived realities and technical practice within the photographic medium.