Artist Talk: Welcome Stranger – Sarah van Sonsbeeck

Thursday 1 January 1970
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Since 2020, Welcome Stranger has been inviting various artists to create new, temporary works of art for the facades of their homes. In doing so, they expose something personal in the middle of their own neighborhood. The facades create an environment for new observations, which every passerby is welcome to become acquainted with. This summer three artists have been invited to manifest a work in different parts of the city: Sarah van Sonsbeeck is making “Keep up the good work!” to be seen in the neighborhood of Weesper- and Wibautstraat across from her house in Spinozastraat, Jacob Dwyer is making “Spreekbuis” on the side facade of his residential complex on the Kleine Wittenburgerstraat, Kristina Benjocki together with Stijn Verhoeff made the film “The High and the Low” in Plan van Gool where they explore and research their neighborhood. Street gatherings will be held at each location to go deeper into their subject.

Van Sonsbeeck argues that your home extends beyond the walls of your home. For Welcome Stranger, she focuses on her view. Through the sunlight reflecting off the windows of the Benno Premsela, the HvA building across from her home, the neighbors across the street send her the message, “Keep it up!”. As she captures this fleeting moment, she understands the encouraging message it gives her and wants to share it with others. Join us for a personal encounter with artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck over coffee and a croissant and also be inspired and get motivated by small things around you.