Breitner Academie: Oost Tour

14 May 2022
→ Framer Framed
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
1093 KS Amsterdam
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Open today from 12:00 to 18:00

Transport: On Foot

Get ready for a thought-provoking tour of the East District. Isabelle Britto, assistant researcher at The Black Archives and freelance researcher in the field of Black history, takes you on a tour. Britto knows Amsterdam Oost not only as a neighbourhood with a long colonial history, as visible in the street names of the Plantagebuurt and the Indische buurt, but also as a neighbourhood where new cultural voices like those of The Black Archives can be found.

The tour starts at Framer Framed, a platform for art and culture in a former hall of the Oostergasfabriek. The exhibitions are situated at the intersection of contemporary art, visual culture and politics. Framer Framed shows work by known and unknown artists who are active worldwide and relate to social issues. In the group exhibition The Silence of Tired Tongues, both artists and audience are invited to think about melancholy and longing.

The next stop is P/////AKT, a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art. In P/////AKT, Anders Dickson shows an assemblage of several new works as an immersive installation. The project marks the first of a series of solo presentations entitled Turning to Dust and Bones; about the mind, memory and being uprooted. Dickson’s multifaceted practice invites encounters with an obscure and peculiar reflection of the world.

A few doors down is Tilde, an art initiative by curator Diego Diez that originated in the curator’s own living room in a rented house in East Amsterdam. This is where Diez started organising experimental, intimate exhibitions with work by established artists and young talent. Tilde strives to initiate a conversation between different generations or between artists from Amsterdam and international artists. During Amsterdam Art Week, Tilde organizes an exhibition in a space at Zeeburgerdijk 25B. The exhibition, titled 1934, explores two utopian botanical projects that both started in 1934.

The tour ends at The Black Archives, a unique historical archive where one can go for inspiring talks, substantive activities and research into black and other perspectives that are often underexposed elsewhere. The archive consists of various book collections and artefacts from the estates of black writers and scientists. Based on these collections, they develop exhibitions, organise events and give lectures and advice. In the exhibition Facing Blackness: Images of Black People and the Fight Against It!, the audience is taken into the underexposed history of Dutch perception of Black people, from the colonial period to the present. 

A visit to the archive afterwards is possible. 

This tour is created by Floor de Bruin & Julia van der Voort, 3rd year students of the Breitner Academie