Breitner Academie: West Tour

14 May 2022
Isolatorweg 17
1014 AS Amsterdam
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Open on Thu, Fri, Sat

Transportation: Bicycle

Amsterdam West is bursting with cozy restaurants and shops, but also in the field of contemporary art, there is much to discover. Hop on your bike and get a taste of the diversity and creativity of Amsterdam West, Westerpark and Bos & Lommer. 

The tour starts just above Westerpark at ISO: a lively incubator with thirty individual and shared studios, various workspaces and a residency. ISO also has a public programme of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and events, offering a stage to both local and international artists. Director Florence Parot, who founded this place in 2018 together with Dajo Bodisco, takes us along a number of studios and shows how various disciplines such as art, design and craft come together.  

We continue our tour to Bos en Lommer where we visit the No Man’s Art Gallery and KIOSK. No Man’s Art Gallery was founded in 2011 as a travelling pop-up gallery with the mission to offer emerging artists access to the international art market. In 2018, the gallery opened a permanent space in Bos en Lommer with an exhibition space and a bar-restaurant. In 2021, a second location was established, the No Man’s Art Gallery KIOSK, an independent space with more project-driven programming. We will first visit the KIOSK where we will see the group exhibition Queen’s Substance. We conclude the tour at No Man’s Art Gallery and bar, where we can view more art while enjoying a drink. 

This tour is created by Sammy Balder & Yrene van Amstel, 3rd year students of the Breitner Academie.