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Breitner Academie: Westelijke Eilanden Tour

14 May 2022
→ De Ateliers
Stadhouderskade 86
1073 AT Amsterdam
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Transportation: Bicycle

Come island hopping by bike and discover a unique Amsterdam district and its artists. This tour offers a special opportunity to look inside the studio of Rogier van der Zwaag. In his work, this artist and filmmaker searches for synergy between sound and image, between reality and imagination. The work on display is full of images that look familiar to the viewer, but at the same time take on a new meaning because they are placed in a new context. As an experimental artist, Van der Zwaag is expressive and conceptually innovative. Get to know the artist and his spectacular audiovisual work and get a unique glimpse of his working process in his own studio.

Second stop is Galerie Onrust. The gallery was founded in 1986 by Milco Onrust (who passed away in 2015) and has a programme with an emphasis on contemporary painting. During the tour, discover the world of Swedish painter Axel Linderholm. Linderholm draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings and many figures and subjects, such as the interior, a landscape he moves through daily or everyday objects recur repeatedly in his work. He also reflects on themes from art history such as a reclining nude or a bathing star or a setting sun. By repeating and varying them, the motifs lose much of their original meaning. They leave the personal behind and become independent elements in a composition.

The tour ends at The Ravestijn Gallery, founded in 2012 by Jasper Bode and Narda Van ‘t Veer, with a focus on investigative and provocative approaches to contemporary photography. During Amsterdam Art Week, the first solo exhibition of German artist Michel Lamoller will be on view here. The exhibition consists of unique, photographic relief works that make visible how much the world has been changed by man. Lamoller makes works that are photographic, but do not quite fit within the characteristics of classical photography. Or to put it another way, photography is not the final work of art here, but a material, something for Lamoller to cut, arrange and build with. At 4.30 p.m. the artist himself will give a personal tour of the works in the exhibition.

Tip: Also take a look at the gallery’s beautiful library.

This tour is created by Floor de Bruin & Julia van der Voort, 3rd year students of the Breitner Academie.