Festive unveiling of Monika Dahlberg’s sculptures by alderman Touria Meliani at Framer Framed

Thursday 29 September 2022
→ Framer Framed
Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71
1093 KS Amsterdam
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Artist Monika Dahlberg was commissioned by Framer Framed to create two sculptures that will have a permanent place at the entrance to the Framer Framed building. On Thursday, 29 September, at 15:45 the work, titled Gatekeepers will be unveiled by the alderman for Art and Culture Touria Meliani and district administrator east and portfolio holder for art and culture Jan-Bert Vroege. A children’s parade by the collective Pretvormer will take place during the opening to celebrate the sculptures’ arrival in the neighborhood.

Where: in front of Framer Framed (Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71, Amsterdam).
When: 29 September, from 16:45 to 17:00.
Entrance: free

Everyone is welcome, but we would appreciate it if you sign up.

Gatekeepers is an ongoing project in which Dahlberg explores ideas of inclusion and exclusion within the art world. The work exudes critical playfulness while simultaneously confronting the audience. The collaboration with Dahlberg came about at the request of curator Zippora Elders to Framer Framed to contribute to the program of Constant 101: a large-scale collaborative project celebrating the 101st birthday of artist Constant Nieuwenhuys. Framer Framed and Monika Dahlberg entered into a collaboration that led to the realization of a new permanent work in – and reflecting on – public space.

The sculptures will have a permanent place on the quay, where they will increase the visibility and identity of Framer Framed. Both Monika Dahlberg and curator Zippora Elders will be present at the opening.

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