Exhibition — Mixed Media, Ceramics

Horizon’s Enigmatic Waltz | Jeroen Cremers

4 November up to 23 December 2023
→ Galerie Bart
Elandsgracht 16
1016 TW Amsterdam
  • Thursday 13:00—18:00
  • Friday 13:00—18:00
  • Saturday 13:00—18:00
  • Sunday 13:00—18:00
→ Free admission
Open today from 13:00 to 18:00

We are proud to present the solo exhibition, Horizon’s Enigmatic Waltz, by Jeroen Cremers (1972, NL). The theme revolves around the transformation that transpires in society, where systems are constructed only to then collapse. Conventional boundaries are upended and visitors are transported to another world. The world of apocalyptic science fiction, where Jeroen finds his inspiration, among other concepts.

The title Horizon’s Enigmatic Waltz refers to the dance of society where the horizon shifts with every decision made. These decisions can lead to negative as well as positive changes. Even after a difficult phase, when everything may appear dark, another bright spot can appear on the horizon by taking a different turn. This waltz, which is occasionally danced out of tune, represents Jeroen’s starting point for the exhibition.

For some time now, Jeroen has drawn inspiration from ancient Egypt, classical antiquity and science fiction. Elements of these periods and themes are also reflected in his current work. The faces of the sculptures have been replaced by peculiar stacks of geometric shapes. This new visual language emerged during the Covid pandemic. It refers to the unknown and abstract danger that turned our lives upside down.

Sculptures of body parts are also on display here. These refer to ancient statues that can still be admired today. A few parts of the sculptures have not stood the test of time. By placing these broken parts on a pedestal, society elevates them to objects of great cultural value. Jeroen then elaborates on this phenomenon by showing his future vision of it.

In his new work, Jeroen uses remnants in nature to echo the results of the choices societies have made. Ceramic sculptures are increasingly giving way to other materials such as cardboard, wood and styrofoam. With these materials, he dances to the rhythm of hope and fear.