Artist Talk — Other

Kunst Café

14 May 2022
→ CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120
1102 DR Amsterdam
Open today from 11:00 to 17:00

Enter into a dialogue with the artists of the current exhibition at CBK Zuidoost – A World of Many Worlds. With the use of a ceremonial practice guided by Teresa Borasino the audience is welcomed into a world of non-Western perspectives. Borasino creates embodied compositions as a practice of organising sound and voice in relation to the body and its ecological experience. Her voice narrates a journey that helps re-notice and re-inhabit the bodies as entangled with earth-beings instead of the separated individuals we have been conditioned into.

The talk – which takes place in a circle – will be moderated by by Carolina Bianchi, Theatre Director, dramaturg and performer.