Performance — Performance

Live-drum & tapescratch performance Mick Johan & Anan Striker 

14 May 2022
→ Galerie Fleur & Wouter
Van Ostadestraat 43A
1072 SN Amsterdam
Open today from 12:00 to 18:00

Mick Johan (drummer MICH) and Anan Striker (Strictly Tapes) have joined forces to create an obscure drum & cassette-scratch performances. ‘In the name of love, we fuck-up beats’, as Peter Paul Pigmans (3 Steps Ahead) stated, is the starting point for Johan and Striker to, briefly but powerfully, crank up the analogue express train of BPMs (beats per minute).

Followed by a monologue by Arthur Stokvis on his own work
19.30 – 23.00 hrs.

Organised by ART BAR KIPPY, Galerie Fleur & Wouter and GoMulan Gallery