Opening Gallery Season | Tour 2: THIS IS NOT FOR REAL

Saturday 3 September 2022
→ GalleryViewer & Amsterdam Art hub
Keizersgracht 241
1016 EA Amsterdam
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Opening Gallery Season Open today from 12:00 to 17:00

On 2 and 3 September, Amsterdam galleries open their doors to the public with the first exhibition of the new season. During this festive weekend Amsterdam Art organises two thematic tours along a number of galleries.

Saturday 3 September
start: 14:00 on Keizersgracht 241 (Amsterdam Art & GalleryViewer Hub)
end: 16:00 hrs at Lauriergracht 142 (Galerie Fontana)

What is imagination? What is real? In this tour, we visit a number of (group) exhibitions and dive into a world of mythical stories, virtual bodies, digital realities and real lies.

The exhibition Day of the Donkey (Galerie Fleur & Wouter) brings together two artists who have strong ties with Mexico and share a fascination for myths, rituals, traditions and crafts. The work of Serbian artist Majda Vidakovic (m.simons) also evokes associations with mystical symbols and relics; different kinds of relics and traces of a history that is related to the personal heritage of the artist. The artists in Future Bodies (Upstream) shed light on the role of the body in our current digitised society and explore it from a female perspective. In Singing with the Wolves (AKINCI) we meet Charlotte Schleiffert’s monumental half-man/half-animal figures and a virtual white wolf who is slowly trotting towards us while humming a Frank Sinatra song. AUTOFICTION (Galerie Fons Welters) brings together works of art that actually originate from real life and draw on personal and autobiographical stories. Finally, we look at the work of photographer Hellen van Meene (Galerie Fontana); timeless portraits of young women with a dreamy and almost fairy-tale atmosphere.

In the last gallery, we will meet the visitors of TOUR 1 and, while enjoying a drink, exchange our experiences about the interplay of reality and fiction.

Practical information
Participation in the tour is free of charge. This tour is by bike and will be guided by Nina Folkersma (Director Amsterdam Art).

Galleries to visit

  1. Upstream – Future Bodies Salomé Chatriot, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Coralie Vogelaar e.a.
  2. m.simons – Leftovers II Majda Vidakovic
  3. AKINCI – Singing with the Wolves melanie bonajo, Charlotte Schleiffert, Margit Lukacs & Persijn Broersen
  4. Galerie Fleur & Wouter – Day of the Donkey Dodi Espinos & Carmen Schabracq
  5. Galerie Fons Welters – AUTOFICTION Gina Fischli, Kinke Kooi, Win McCarthy, Evelyn Taocheng Wang e.a.
  6. Galerie Fontana – Luminaria Vigil Flame Hellen van Meene