Exhibition — Mixed Media, Photography, Textile

Speak Session – BOUT IT #3

14 May 2022
Bijlmerplein 110-111
1102 DB Amsterdam
Open today from 10:00 to 18:00
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In BOUT IT #3 OSCAM and Top Notch give a stage to female and non-binary hip hop artists and the major contributions they have made to the genre.

Hip hop is more than music: it is both a form of personal expression and a shared culture. Hip hop – the art and culture – is hugely popular on a global scale and from all socio-economic backgrounds, but is often misunderstood within the professional art world. Placing hip hop in a museum creates space for an interesting cross-pollination between two apparently different art worlds. The global becomes local, the personal becomes cultural and the audible becomes visual.

Feminine visions of hip hop have pioneered the music industry since the genre’s inception and undeniably paved the way for the genre’s global growth. To this day, these visions are overlooked in the still male-dominated scene.⁠⁠ To change this, OSCAM and Top Notch have teamed up once again for the latest edition of the recurring hip hop exhibition series BOUT IT.

Participating artists

A large number of artists and enthusiasts we all know contribute to this exhibition. From old school MCs like Roxanne Shante, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot to the latest generation of rappers like Little Simz, LIONSTORM and Lizzo, almost all names are featured in BOUT IT #3. The space will also feature works by the following visual artists:

Dana Lixenberg | During her time in New York, working with a large format analog camera, she portrayed many cultural icons from the hip hop community.

Marian Genet | Multidisciplinary artist who translates stories and experiences into photography and textile artworks that radiate positivity, sensuality and vulnerability.

Cheraine Baljé | Textile artist who creates vibrant art with her knit, crochet and sowing skills taught by grandma, and immortalizes lyrics on tufted wall hangings.

Marjorie Richards | Our homegrown creative talent, who breaks through as an artist with strong statements on soft fabrics.