Radio Emma: a broadcast on Ritual and Display

13 May 2022
→ If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
Westerdok 606–608
1013 BV Amsterdam
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We are excited to launch our sixth reader, Ritual and Display, during Amsterdam Art Week in the form of a Radio Emma broadcast, If I Can’t Dance’s radio platform. The reader series documents our institutional research into the fields of inquiry that accompany each of our editions. While in our first edition we explored the notion of Masquerade, followed by the research themes AffectAppropriationEvent and Duration, and Social Movement, the past edition (2019-21) focused on Ritual and Display.

During the radio show we will speak with Giulia Damiani, the If I Can’t Dance research fellow for the Ritual and Display programme and editor of the reader, together with artist Kent Chan, who has created an artistic intervention in the publication, poet Bhanu Kapil, whose work is reproduced in its pages, and Joris Kritis, who has designed the If I Can’t Dance Reader series since its very first publication. In their company we will explore the tensions and crossovers between ritual and display through notions of preparation, magic, landscape, bodily writing, feminist thinking, prophecy and contemporary performance practices. The radio broadcast is hosted by If I Can’t Dance’s curator of archive and research Anik Fournier and director Frédérique Bergholtz.

We welcome you to listen online via our partner Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee or join us live in our studio at Westerdok where the radio show will be broadcasted, followed by a warm lunch. Here you can buy your copy of the reader for the special Amsterdam Art Week price of €15 (instead of €20).

Image: Bendegó the meteorite in the ruins of National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, from Kent Chan’s artist pages in Ritual and Display Reader