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Residency Visit | Marieke Zwart

Saturday 1 June 2024
→ BijlmAIR
Heesterveld 69 / 71
1102 SB Amsterdam
Free admission
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Marieke Zwart lives and works in Amsterdam Southeast. She is working on her project Care in the Bijlmer, in which she documents – in different ways – the days of a few indispensable (health) care workers. At the Open Space at Heesterveld (35A) the audience can see her progress and discuss it with her.

Marieke Zwart: “Recently I moved to the Bijlmermeer and to get to know my neighbourhood better, I will be making drawings of important (health) care workers in the area this year. The idiosyncratic and traditionally caring Bijlmermeer intrigues me, now that I am slowly getting to know it better. My midwife, a maternity professional, a bicycle repairman and an interpreter for undocumented women, each in their own way is a driving force behind the social system of the neighbourhood. By joining them while they work, I see more of the inside of the Bijlmer. During the first research period, I will make sketches, photos and videos of their visits at homes and at their work. At Heesterveld I will be making a drawing series in order to make their indispensable work more visible.”

Marieke Zwart (1987, NL) is an artist based in Amsterdam who makes drawings, films and installations. She is interested in definitions of empowerment and independence and the art of looking. She studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, KABK and Rijksakademie. Zwart worked with healthcare clients and professionals during several projects in Het Vijfde Seizoen (Den Dolder, NL) and IBB (Curaçao) and for Buurtzorg Nederland.

Her works are part of the collection of Stadsarchief Amsterdam and Buurtzorg Nederland and have been exhibited at: 1646 (The Hague), 3331 Arts Chiyoda Centre (Tokyo, Japan), Museum Dr. Guislain (Ghent, Belgium), Framer Framed and Amsterdam Museum (Amsterdam).