Special edition door Lisa Konno

Thursday 1 January 1970
→ tegenboschvanvreden
Bloemgracht 57
1016 KE Amsterdam
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HENK button, 2022 leather, polyester and silk 33 x 13 cm, ed. 25 + 2 AP

Do you want eternal protection? Then this silk thread Dagi knot is your chance. Lisa Konno made an edition in the form of a carpet beater for the exhibition Transferring Cultures into Bodies. It is a knee protector, but you can also wear this elegant carpet beater as a piece of jewelry. The Dagi knot is an ancient African symbol. According to tradition, the carpet beater sweeps all evil from your path and thus makes room for the positive. ‘Henk Button’ as the work is called, is for sale at tegenboschvanvreden for 350 euros or can be ordered via