Exhibition — Photography

Still (a) Life – Helena van der Kraan

2 September up to 8 October 2022
→ Madé van Krimpen Gallery
Prinsengracht 615H
1016 HT Amsterdam
  • Thursday 12:00—18:00
  • Friday 12:00—18:00
  • Saturday 12:00—18:00
Open on Thu, Fri, Sat

This exhibition pays tribute to the late artist Helena van der Kraan’s (1940-2020) and her contribution to the genre of Still Life photography. Still (a) Life offers people a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of Van der Kraan’s unrivalled ability to capture the transient memories and fleeting moments that make up life.

Her photographs are intimate and are demonstrative of her poetic understanding of everyday objects. The images chosen for the show emphasize her innate ability to play with light, shadow, texture, and form to create unforgettable images. 

Van der Kraan’s oeuvre spans fifty years and is known for its subdued quality. Her work is still highly regarded in photography circles and holds a special place in the collections of many Dutch museums. Until her recently published ‘Bear Book’ Portretten / Portraits and the accompanying exhibition Beer & Teddy, Van der Kraan’s work was not so well known to the wider public. Sadly, Van der Kraan passed away in 2020 but generously left us with a huge cache of timeless and beautiful images to remember her by. Still (a) Life is our way of saying thank you and helping to preserve her legacy. We aim to bring her original works to a wider audience and to help keep the genre of Still Life Photography alive.