Events, Exhibition — Installation, Ceramics, Sculpture, Textile

The feelings the butterflies gave me | Esmay Groot Koerkamp

8 September up to 28 October 2023
→ Galerie Bart
Elandsgracht 16
1016 TW Amsterdam
  • Thursday 13:00—18:00
  • Friday 13:00—18:00
  • Saturday 13:00—18:00
  • Sunday 13:00—18:00
→ Free admission
Open today from 13:00 to 18:00

Galerie Bart proudly presents “The feelings the butterflies gave me”, a storytelling garden exhibition by Esmay Groot Koerkamp (1993, NL). Ceramic objects and a hand-made booklet take visitors on a journey in which they discover the complexity of human relationships. Esmay’s visual language is filled with a strong narrative and humorous details, while her words are carefully chosen to share her thoughts without being overbearing or projecting her personal feelings. By combining two artistic approaches – image and language – she disarms visitors and strikes an emotional chord.

Besides the objects on display in the garden, Esmay also seeks out the intimacy of a booklet. It brings the objects to life and forms an ode to love and its associated struggles. People who are falling in love open up to each other, learn about each other and some doors open more easily than others. Doubts arise when your partner doesn’t open up in certain ways. How do you react? Do you call on the Harvestman spider to protect your heart? These are questions and situations that could present themselves in any relationship. The central question is: How do you deal with the feelings that butterflies awake in you? Esmay will reveal to the viewer how she tries to regulate them.