Women in Art Tour

15 May 2022
→ No Man’s Art Gallery
Bos en Lommerweg 88-90
1055 EC Amsterdam
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Open today from 10:00 to 17:00

Transportation: Bicycle

We are pleased to announce a new tour during Amsterdam Art Week which will focusing on women in the contemporary art field. From gallery owners to artists, we’re deep diving into the women gaze in Amsterdam!

Art historian and journalist Cathelijne Blok was in search of her own interpretation of the concept of feminism while writing her Master’s thesis in Art History. This quest has resulted in the online & offline feminist art platform + agency “TheTittyMag”. Together with the Tittymag team, she wants to creatively create a safe dialogue around inclusivity, empowerment and feminism to inspire and connect people. Her overall experience as content creator, (final) editor/ director, creative consultant for big advertising and media companies resulted in working together with big international brands as VanMoof, Cosmopolitan, Van Gogh Museum, Dutch embassy Tokyo, Bumble, ABN, and Tiktok. 

And that’s not all! As an artist she created a special feminist art installation in Youseum, gives inspirational creative sessions, writes columns for magazines as Cosmopolitan & ID-magazine, hosts talks and podcasts for Avrotros, Tiktok, Parool & Drentsch Museum, created the NPO3 documentary F-woord on feminism together with journalist Milou Deelen. And sometimes talks about art in the Dutch tv show, Margriet van der Linden.

She has just finished her first book with Tatjana Almuli, Zestien, and is now currently working on her second one!

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