28 May 2023

Amsterdam Art Week Ambassadors: Aveline Gevaerts

The Amsterdam Art Team takes great pleasure in introducing our ambassador, Aveline Gevaerts. Not only does she bring a fresh perspective, but she also shares a special connection with us, having been a part of the Amsterdam Art team herself. It is truly exciting to have her on board and explore her perspective on the Amsterdam art scene, particularly given that her journey in the art world started right here with us. Avealine is now the Arts and Culture manager at Nxt Museum and is always surrounded by incredible new media installations, and in close contact with a bunch of inspiring artists that use the latest software and technologies to dive into today’s and tomorrow’s societal developments.

Her personal art interests span wider than just new media. She loved to visit exhibitions and art events in her spare time. If a work truly stands out to her, she also makes the occasional acquisition. Aveline loves to experience art in many different ways, but she finds something very special about studio visits. She particularly enjoys getting behind the scenes and seeing how the works are created. Hearing from the artists directly what the work means to them and why it was made inspires her.

After spending some time living in New York and immersing herself in the vibrant art scene there, Aveline has returned to Amsterdam. She finds the art scene in Amsterdam to be truly special and unique because it serves as an incubator for many emerging talents. She elaborated: 

“Having had the luxury of an office space at the Rijksakademie (when working for Amsterdam Art 2014-2018), I witnessed from up close the incredible artistic development such a residency facilitates. The artists you see one year at RijksakademieOPEN, may have a show in one of Amsterdam’s many galleries the next, and you may reencounter their work at a national or international museum the year after. It is truly beautiful to be a witness of such growth – to follow artists while they develop their practice and make a career. I love that Amsterdam has an art climate that fosters artists in this way.”

As an ambassador for Amsterdam Art, Aveline will also gladly participate in the Amsterdam Art Week. Her ideal day during the art week consists of visiting some galleries during the day, followed by an opening event at a museum or institute – which is usually a great opportunity for her to reconnect with art-world friends and acquaintances – and end with drinks and dancing at a party. Her hidden gem in the city is the Oude Kerk. For those who have not yet paid a visit there, she recommends keeping an eye on their programme.  Not only does she find  it high-quality and versatile, but she also  thinks  there is something special about having such contemporary works exhibited in one of Amsterdam’s oldest buildings. 

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