20 May 2023

Amsterdam Art Week Ambassadors: Cathelijne Blok

We are delighted to introduce Cathelijne Blok as our fifth ambassador for this year’s Amsterdam Art Week! With her strong focus on inclusivity and hospitality in the art world, she aligns perfectly with our mission for creating a welcoming space for all.

Cathelijne Blok is an art historian, journalist and the founder of Tittymag and her main mission is to show the power of art in an inclusive way. Art is central to her life, and she finds the Amsterdam art scene to be uniquely diverse and fascinating in numerous ways.

She points out that art in Amsterdam is on every corner. As soon as you step outside your door, you are immediately immersed in art. For her, art is a medium that tells incredible stories, communicates powerful messages, and sheds light on vulnerable aspects of our lives, histories, and the major themes we encounter on a daily basis.

Given the significant role that art plays in her life, it’s no surprise that Cathelijne is also an art collector. What does her collection look like?

“Diverse, a lot of women*, and art I love. It gives me reflection on life and my own life as well.”

Cathelijne’s interests aren’t just limited to art and journalism, she also let us know some of her other hobbies, such as sci fi, chess, bird watching and krav maga!

During Amsterdam Art Week, Cathelijne is particularly enthusiastic about meeting new people and exploring all that the city has to offer. She encourages everyone to venture out and discover their own hidden gems within Amsterdam! Discover your favourite art spots in Amsterdam by exploring our full programme and checking out our DIY tours, which are sure to inspire and guide you throughout the Art Week!