20 May 2023

Amsterdam Art Week Ambassadors: Milou Deelen

Did you know that 50% of the artists showcased in our galleries are female? We are very proud of this statistic and aspire to further increase this percentage in the years ahead. With this in mind, we introduce you to our ambassador Milou Deelen, who brings a new perspective on the Amsterdam art scene through a feminist lens.

Milou is a journalist, writer and speaker as well as a freelancer for media such as Het Parool, Volkskrant Magazine, LINDA.meiden and VICE on a variety of topics. She is the author of the book ‘Krabben and Hoe doen we het?’. Feminism is a recurring theme in her works. Therefore, she finds a deep sense of belonging in Amsterdam, where increasing attention is devoted to highlighting the works of female and queer artists.

Milou gladly accepted her role as an ambassador because she loves both art and Amsterdam, naturally making Amsterdam Art the ideal combination for her. She is looking forward to connecting and promoting the art climate in Amsterdam in order to create a welcoming environment for all. She firmly believes that fostering accessibility and a sense of belonging in the art world can be achieved through personal connections and a deep identification with art.

Art plays an increasing role in Milou’s life. Since her childhood, her parents had their whole house full of all kinds of artworks – paintings, sculptures, photography, everything. For a few years now, she also started to immerse herself into art more. Particularly through her involvement in feminist circles, which prioritise women artists and their position in the industry. Social media has also played a significant role in exposing her to a more accessible and approachable side of art, with (female) artists becoming more visible.

Having been immersed in the world of art throughout her entire life, it comes as no surprise that Milou takes great pride in her role as an art collector. Over the years, she has gathered a diverse collection spanning various mediums. From a sentimental painting crafted by her grandfather and artworks gifted by her parents to her very first self-purchased piece, her collection reflects a wide range of influences. She also incorporates elements, such as a gold/purple clitoral toy on her wall, as an exploration of her interest in writing about the subject of sex. Milou has also organised an exhibition on street harassment in 2019. She has one artwork from each artist who contributed to the exhibition displayed in her own home. 

We asked Milou to tell us a fun fact about her life. She revealed: 

“Under my sofa are three boxes. The first one says love, the second friendship and the third family. In them, I keep everything from the people I love. Something else that many people don’t know is that my favourite jumper that I often wear is an old jumper from my father. He bought the jumper in 1988 at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. It is hugely dear to my heart. Unfortunately, the jumper is getting more and more worn, so I plan to frame it soon.”

During Amsterdam Art Week, Milou is looking forward to visiting the exhibitions at Foam, Madé van Krimpen, and Galerie Caroline O’Breen. She also looks forward to socialising, enjoying refreshing drinks, and engaging in conversations with fellow art enthusiasts. She also encourages you to visit Hama Gallery, No Man’s Art Gallery, W139 and Framer Framed.

Discover Amsterdam Art Week’s complete programme and follow Milou’s recommendations to explore the diverse range of exhibitions. Additionally, we offer two tours focused on women in art. Be sure to reserve your spot and experience the exceptional works of our talented female artists showcased throughout the week.