20 May 2023

Amsterdam Art Week Ambassadors: Molly Palmer

Studio visits are undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s Amsterdam Art Week, and we are thrilled to announce and introduce our ambassador, Molly Palmer, who will be opening her studio for visitors to explore! As an accomplished artist, Molly’s perspective on the Amsterdam art scene offers a unique opportunity to explore it through the eyes of a creator, providing valuable insights and enriching the experience for all visitors.

Molly works with video, surround sound, sculpture, choreography, painting, installation and electronics. Her practice centers around exploring perceptual shifts that reveal new dimensions of existence within our world. She works with individuals who have experienced these shifts in various ways, such as through mental health conditions or trauma. She believes in the power of individuals to transform reality from within and seeks to highlight people’s inner strength by creating a space of trust. Her installations are large-scale and multi-sensory, designed to elicit emotional and physical responses and encourage associations between different elements within the space.

She moved to Amsterdam in 2019 in order to attend the Rijksakademie. There, not only did she find the programme to be progressive and experimental, but she also valued the nurturing and supportive environment it provided for both its residents and alumni. Consequently, she considers Rijksakademie Open Studios as one of the most exciting events of the year. She mentions Eye Film Museum as one of her favourite art locations in Amsterdam and finds inspiration in W139, Akinci, Annet Gellink Gallery, and ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose.

When asked about her reasons for becoming an ambassador for Amsterdam Art Week, Molly replied:

“Amsterdam Art was one of the first organisations to promote and support my practice in the Netherlands. Each year their programming has enriched my activities in Amsterdam through talks, events and coverage for my shows. The genuine relationships formed through this exchange embedded me within a wider art community that continues to expand. My studio practice is quite hermetic, but ultimately it is invested in our collective capacity for connection, hope and exchange. By joining Amsterdam Art as an ambassador, I want to show my appreciation of the programme, celebrate the other artists in it, and to contribute to a moment of curiosity, inspiration and engagement across the city.”

Molly’s work is a result of a long-term research process that develops with the participation of others, and a significant portion of the work remains private. Through music and sound, she seeks to unify and fight cynicism in the art space, with a research focus on esoteric, occult, and indigenous technologies, as well as neuroscience and contemporary therapeutic methodologies.

In accordance with this year Amsterdam Art Week’s theme hospitality, Molly mentions that hospitality in the art world allows her to meet people who she otherwise would have never met. Through her involvement in Amsterdam’s art world, Molly has the opportunity to meet individuals from diverse backgrounds, generations, and orientations, many of whom eventually become her long-term friends. Molly greatly appreciates and cherishes these connections.

Get involved in Amsterdam’s Art scene together with Molly by visiting her studio and following her tips for visiting the Rijksakademie Open Studios, where 50 solo exhibitions by an exciting group of artists will be shown. She even advises you to visit it more than once! 

Embark on a journey into the dynamic Amsterdam Art scene alongside Molly as she welcomes you to explore her studio and provides valuable tips for visiting the Rijksakademie Open Studios, where a remarkable collection of 50 solo exhibitions by talented artists will be on display. Don’t forget Molly’s advice to visit more than once, ensuring you don’t miss out on this wonderful event! Check out the full programme to get inspired.