09 June 2022

Art City Amsterdam: in conversation with Emily Pethick

In March this year, Amsterdam Art started a collaboration with the podcast channel Art City Amsterdam. Art City Amsterdam is a podcast about Amsterdam’s art worlds, hosted by Rubiah Balsem (Studio Balsem, founder) and Nina Folkersma (Amsterdam Art, director). Nina is taking over as co-host from her predecessor, Joost Bosland (Stevenson Amsterdam). The first episode of the new season is now available.

In conversation with Emily Pethick
In this first episode of Season 2, Art City Amsterdam invited Emily Pethick, director of the renowned Rijksakademie. This leader of an international artists’ community talks to Rubiah Balseman and Nina Folkersma about her career and her vision on what drives artists today. She takes us through the differences between the London and Amsterdam art world, and their mutual precarities and fair practices. Furthermore, she stresses that networks and intergenerational perspectives are crucial for today’s art eco-systems.

Listen the new episode
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