Hans Op de Beeck | Works on Paper

About the exhibition In 2009, Op de Beeck exhibited at Rome’s historic Galleria Borghese. In dialogue with the old masters from the collection, he developed six expansive monochrome watercolours. Today, these paintings exist as part of the MAXXI (Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome) permanent collection. Since then, Op de Beeck has worked prolifically on continuing this

GB Jones

20 January – 1 April 2023

Bloom – Sophie Steengracht, Jonat Deelstra and Matt de Groot

Jonat Deelstra (1991) drew inspiration for his new series of paintings from “animal” urges. His new paintings series is teeming with naked human figures who, on the one hand, preach about improving the world and, on the other, are fighting or tearing down their surroundings. Matt Chaim de Groot (1969) shows his series ‘Shiv`at Wradej

The Beginning of A New Beginning – Monali Meher

With opening performance ‘Gilded’ by Monali Meher: on Saturday 3 September at 15:00 hrs. Lumen Travo Gallery is delighted to open a new gallery season with the new solo show by Monali Meher. Titled The Beginning of A New Beginning, this exhibition finds its starting point in the intense and unprecedented sequence of lockdowns the world

Gilded Slides – Angela Heisch

GRIMM is pleased to present Gilded Slides, an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Angela Heisch, on view at its Amsterdam (NL) gallery from September 2 to October 22, 2022. This will be Heisch’s first solo exhibition with GRIMM since the gallery announced representation of the artist earlier this year. Voor meer informatie

Afro Cushion – Alfonso

Rinella Alfonso, Afro Cushion Annet Gelink Gallery is proud to present Afro Cushion, Rinella Alfonso’s first exhibition at the gallery. In her latest work, Alfonso focusses on the representation of black and female bodies and the way in which predominantly black communities are being robbed from their resources. Afro Cushion is a direct reference to

Connection – Group exhibition

It is with great pleasure that Galerie Bart is opening the group exhibition Connection at the beginning of the new gallery season. The European Commission has designated 2022 as the European Year of Youth, emphasising the importance of the youth of Europe in achieving global improvements for us all. It is certainly no empty phrase:

Lejano de todas partes – Alejandro Galván

No Man’s Art Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of Lejano de todas partes, the first solo exhibition by Alejandro Galván with the gallery. The opening of Lejano de todas partes coincides with No Man’s Art Gallery’s 4 year anniversary party, the official afterparty of the opening of the gallery season. The exhibition extends


Annet Gelink Gallery is proud to present CA NTS EE MY TO NGU E, Josse Pyl’s second exhibition in The Bakery.  Josse Pyl explores the production of language and how it substantiates and influences our experience and knowledge of the world around us. How words and texts pass through bodies, how language and speech are formed

Project about keti koti in Heesterveld

Artist Maartje Jaquet worked for more than two years on her extensive project Ala Sma Tori about Keti Koti – the term that stands for the abolition of slavery on 1 July 1863 in Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles. She spoke with countless residents of Amsterdam Zuidoost, where she herself lives, to map out how

Raum 24/3 – Moritz Lindur, Kaspar Dejong

Kaspar Dejong (Maastricht, NL, 1995) and Moritz Lindur (Köln, DE, 1993) both show in their practice a soft spot for the imperfect. Most of Dejong’s work sources from his close living environment: the city. Montz’s work is a frenetic and hyperactive exploration of the many facets of humankind, language and both societal and global issues.

Opening Weekend | Filip Vervaet

We would like to invite you to the opening weekend of the new exhibition Inner Garden by Belgian artist Filip Vervaet. To celebrate this new show, a program has been put together for the opening weekend. On Sunday, May 15, from 2.00 until 3.00 PM, the artist himself will be in the gallery to give

Artist Talk: Meiro Koizumi

Meiro Koizumi, Fog #15 (Detail), 2022 On May 15, the artist Meiro Koizumi will be present at the gallery for an artist talk where visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artist and learn more about his work. The exhibition Erased Landscape by Meiro Koizumi is running in the Bakery of the Annet Gelink

Tilde — Exhibition ‘*** *****’

More than a month has passed since Putin began war in Ukraine. Ukrainians are dying every day. We’ve seen how they die. For many Russians, these images are not just terrible documents of the war. They are also a reminder of the nature of Russian society. Often hidden behind the closed doors of private properties

MAGIC TULIP – Frank Nitsche

RhythmThe drawings that Frank Nitsche makes in his studio every day to start his work have an intimate feeling to them. There is a certain vulnerability and sensitivity in the drawn lines and in the drawing as a whole. These drawings are fascinating, largely because the images are never really comfortable to look at. They

Thèta Dream – In the end we are all a bunch of moving fluff

Thèta marks the intriguing border between conscious and the subconscious world. It’s a state of being that can function as a gateway towards enhanced sensitivity to our surroundings, opening doors towards new perspectives. With the duo show Thèta Dream Mette Sterre and Lotte Wieringa explore this edge, where alternative narratives of understanding emerge. Seeking for a space that escapes

Zilverspoor – Ronny Delrue

Drawing as a way of thinking Visual artist Ronny Delrue (Heestert, Belgium, 1957) shows his recent drawings, paintings and sculptures in the Fontana gallery, which conceptually form one coherent installation. Delrue works and thinks like a draftsman, whatever medium he uses. For him, drawing is a way of thinking and searching, and the line is

Light on the surface – Denitsa Todorova and Petra Hart

The exhibition Light on the surface is a duo exhibition of the artists Denitsa Todorova and Petra Hart.  Working almost exclusively with graphite on paper, Denitsa Todorova creates an abstract world of soft strokes in shades of black and grey. With a unique approach to her medium, she offers the viewer a veil, a passage

Cobblestone Quilt

Andriesse~Eyck Gallery is looking forward to welcoming you to Cobblestone Quilt, the solo exhibition with new works by artist STEPHEN WILKS (1964, Bridgwater). Continuing his search for the mystical in the everyday, i.e., that ‘other’ world that lies beyond the tangible surface of mundane objects, Wilks created a series of works which evokes a sense

Adam Barker-Mill & Alan Johnston

During the tenth edition of Amsterdam Art Week, Slewe Gallery shows new work by the London based artist Adam Barker-Mill (1940) and the Scottish artist Alan Johnston (1945). Both artists are internationally known, belong to the same generation and have been friends for a long time. Moreover, they are artistically linked in their fascination for

Dweller – Leo Arnold & Erased Landscape – Meiro Koizumi

As the title of the show, Dweller neatly describes the everyday subjects from Arnold’s personal environment that inhabit his paintings. In his paintings, the public and private worlds collide. Windows crop up regularly, the view from which might be occluded, or else a patch of light is cast on the floor. The title also implies

BIRDMAN- Paulo Nazareth

Stevenson presents BIRDMAN, Paulo Nazareth’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Conceptualised as a miniature artist-survey, the exhibition combines installation, drawing, painting, sculpture and video spanning from 2008 to 2022. The selection foregrounds the ways migration has been a central and evolving motif in the Nazareth’s oeuvre. He says:  “BIRDMAN is the act of spreading seeds of fruit

All Eyes

The AkzoNobel Art Foundation has been collecting art for more than 25 years – and that calls for a celebration with the jubilee exhibition All Eyes! All Eyes is a feast of recognition and promise, with work from the collection’s past and present that shares a contemporary look at the world around us. Works of

Workshop Phantasy Portrait Drawing

Are you between 10 and 16 years old, and do you like to think and create? Join this workshop about decolonial thinking and power, led by artist Maga Berr. Together you will look at and talk about her work, which comprises a video installation and ceramic masks, as part of the exhibition A World of Many

Power of Art – Group Exibition

Art can bring time to a halt for a moment and allow us to reflect on the world in which we live. The works in the exhibition Power of Art illustrate a diversity of propositions in regard to this tendency of art. Sometimes an artist’s position directly highlights the phenomena of contemporary life. For instance,

Tolerance Test – Charlotte Schleiffert

About the exhibitionTolerance Test presents a selection of fifteen of the large drawings by Rotterdam-based artist Charlotte Schleiffert. These large drawings – some more than 3.5 metres high – depict whimsical and flamboyant human-animal creatures, and address current social issues such as inequality, power, mass media, consumerism, eroticism, status and identity. In the exhibition, the