30 March 2022

New visual identity and website

On 5 April Amsterdam Art presents a new visual identity developed by design agency Loes Claessens. This new identity is in line with our mission to strengthen Amsterdam’s position as a centre of contemporary art on a local and (inter)national level. We do this together with artists, galleries, project spaces, art museums, residencies and cultural organizations. In this way Amsterdam art makes contemporary art accessible to a broad audience.

Visual identity concept: Amsterdam Art as a compass
In developing the new visual identity, Claessens emphasizes orientation, using the compass as a tool. The concept is in keeping with exploring and discovering Amsterdam as a vibrant contemporary art city. The theme of orientation, movement and guidance is reflected in the logo of Amsterdam Art (Week) which is constantly changing, pointing in various directions towards different and exciting possibilities. The new identity is in line with Amsterdam Art’s desire to develop a visual identity that is both timeless and dynamic.


Website amsterdamart.com
The website, developed by Burgburg, is now live in our year-round design. On April 12 the website will switch to our Amsterdam Art Week 2022 campaign style. The calendar will then also display our program overview of all the events and exhibitions taking place during 11–15 May, 2022. After Amsterdam Art Week, the website will return to the year-round style, showing the exhibitions and activities of our 66 participants, taking place from 16 May onwards. The new bilingual website is designed to help visitors navigate the city and discover what its dynamic art scene has to offer. Our search engine incorporates filters including date, type of activity, discipline and location. Visitors to the website can also save their favourite exhibitions or events, and via our interactive map, they are able to locate our different participants through category and neighbourhood.

Design agency Loes Claessens
Loes Claessens is an independent graphic design studio based in Amsterdam. The studio works for various clients in the cultural field such as museums, institutes, publishers and artists. The focus of the studio is powerful typography with a conceptual and systematic approach which manifests itself in, among other things, publications, exhibition design and visual identities.

Campaign posters for Amsterdam Art Week 2022