11 January 2023

On Gallery Tour Through Amsterdam South

The city of Amsterdam is a true hotspot for contemporary art. The large quantity and diversity of art exhibitions and associated galleries in the city can be overwhelming. The team of Amsterdam Art is here to help you out. We set up a gallery tour route through the south of Amsterdam. The tour shows you different parts of the diverse and vibrant south side of Amsterdam, from the Pijp through the Museum Quarter, this route is a perfect way to get better acquainted with this part of the city. During this walking or biking tour through the city, you will visit four different galleries each with its own specialty. These exhibitions are on show for the coming weeks, take your chance and emerge yourself in Amsterdam’s gallery scene. 

FIRST STOP: AKINCI gallery Lijnbaansgracht 317

Floating World, Ruby Swinney 

On show until 21 January 

Ruby Swinney, Floating World, 2022.

The works in Floating World are painted in monochrome colours on white silk canvases, as has become characteristic of the young South African artist Ruby Swinney. The paintings on display show idyllic landscapes, often contrasted with man-made structures. The inhabitants of this Floating World are eerie, spiritualized people, their faces removed, erased, or replaced by light.

SECOND STOP: Josilda da conceição gallery, Pieter Aertszstraat 70

Really Real, Group exhibition 

On show until 18 February 

Gijs van Lith, Permanent Marker NO.2, 2022, 200X160CM, Oil on linen.

The group exhibition Really Real, shows how artists can ask themselves questions when creating artworks. Rob Bouwman is a painter who experiments with mixing colours and applying different kinds of pigments to a surface, using homemade painting tools. Gijs van Lith explores a process of painting with a canvas that remains the trace of body movement, pure state of mind – full of naivety, hesitation, openness, wondrous discoveries, intuition and impulse. Christian Henkel is an artist who works with sculptures and installations and lastly, Arthur Stokvis plays with paintings and their outdoor space. 

THIRD STOP: Galerie Fleur & Wouter, Van Ostadestraat 43

Unfolding, Saar Scheerlings 

On show until 29 January

Sara Scheerlings, Unfolding, 2023.

Unfolding is a solo exhibition by Sara Scheerlings that shows her signature sculptures and talismans as well as new series in glass and paper, are featured in a room-filling installation, draped like a canvas over the existing gallery space, turning our relationship with it upside down. The making process is an important part of the final work. Her sculptures, talismans and fold-outs show a process of revealing, concealing and transforming. She uses many different materials, media and crafts and a great joy of creating speaks from her artworks. 

FOURTH STOP: Bildhalle, Willemsparkweg 134H

Event Horizon, Kacper Kowalski

On show until 28 January 

Kacper Kowalski, ARCHÉ #67, 2020.

In Kacper Kowalski’s latest work, he shows his homeland of Poland from a perspective hidden from most people. In Event Horizon, Kowalski creates bold and spectacular images of Poland. Kowalski’s photographs show a natural spectacle that looks like abstract paintings created by nature. 

Hopefully, you feel inspired to explore the art scene of Amsterdam south. If you decide to go on this tour, let us know by tagging us on Instagram!