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4 Artists revisited – four Musketeers in Arti et Amicitiae

Project Spaces Arti et Amicitiae

Rokin 112
1012LB Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6245134

Open Tue - Sun / 12-18 hrs

Exhibition 13 Jan — 11 Feb

Opening 12 Jan, 20 hrs


What is a work of art today?

At the instigation of Alexander Schabracq, Arti et Amicitiae shows works by the 'midcarreer' artists Joseph Sassoon Semah, Roland Berning, Manèl Esparbé i Gasca and Alexander Schabracq. From January 12 through February 11, 2018, their sculptures, installations, paintings, design, videos and performances will be shown in the halls of the artists' club. As a result of the exhibition, there will be a debate on the state of the art on Sunday 28 January.

The idea for this exhibition arose when the artists met in 2016 at an opening of Arti. They got into a heated discussion about the question 'What is a work of art today?' Artist and curator Hulya Yilmaz posted a picture on Facebook, where they were bombed to 'The four musketeers'.

A century ago, in 1916, the Montross gallery in New York presented the Dadaists Marcel Duchamp and Jean Crotti and the Cubists Jean Metzinger and Albert Gleizes under the title: 'The four Musketeers'. A year later Duchamp shocked the world with 'Fountain', a conceptual work of art. The question mentioned above has lost nothing of topicality and prompted Alexander Schabracq to invite the three artists to participate in this exhibition in Arti together with recent work.

The four artists each manifested themselves separately in the 80s of the last century via the Amsterdam alternative circuit. Soon they were picked up by the established art world. They made a name and built up reputations. In this exhibition they look back on turbulent years with deconstructivism, postmodernism and the anything goes mentality in which the individual became the size. The label conceptual has been fully elaborated and turned into the new academism that was tackled a century earlier. And the use of the word 'art' in advertising and design has now led to a devaluation, if not bankruptcy of the concept. 'Too many curators and too little art on the 14th Documenta' wrote the media last summer. In an interim balance the four ask themselves the question: What is a work of art and what does it mean? And what does the new generation of artists think? It is time for discussion.


Eclectic living roon
Curator Hulya Yilmaz presents the exhibition as an eclectic living room; a compilation of different styles of artistry and work, clashing, confrontational but presented as a whole. Exhibition maker Thomas Meijer zu Schlochtern is involved as an advisor.



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