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A philosophy of time - Joke Hermsen

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Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
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Conversation 25 Jan

Time 19:30 hrs


Bay of Sagami, Atami, 1997 © Hiroshi Sugimoto
Philosopher Joke Hermsen will deliver a lecture about the concept of time, in relation to the exhibition Hiroshi Sugimoto – Black Box, that will be on view at Foam from December 16th. 
Hermsen will discuss different ways of understanding time, based on two ancient Greek gods: Chronos, or measured time, and his grandson Kairos, time as it is experienced or ‘the right time’. Can photography make the Kairotic sense of time, which has largely disappeared from our cultural heritage, visible?
Joke Hermsen (1961) is a writer and philosopher who lives and works in Amsterdam and France. She is known for her bestseller Stil de tijd and her latest essay Kairos, een nieuwe bevlogenheid.
In the exhibition Hiroshi Sugimoto – Black Box, Foam presents an overview of the most iconic photographic works by Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto (b. 1948, Tokyo). He is renowned for his mastery of the darkroom and his fascination for intangible concepts like time and (im)perishability. His monumental black-and-white prints reveal the hand of a craftsman, a scientist and philosopher.
Please note: this event is in Dutch

€7 (regular rate) / €5 (Foam Fan/Club/Fund), the price includes museum admission
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