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A walk along three interventions by Christine Sun Kim

Museums/Institutes De Appel

Schipluidenlaan 12D4
1062 HE Amsterdam
+31 (0) 206255651

Open Wed – Sat 14-18 hrs 

Event 8 Jul

Time 16-17:30 hrs


Christine Sun Kim at De School, Amsterdam, 2017. Photo by C. Eeftinck Schattenkerk

Saturday 8th July marks a special day on which you can experience three different artistic interventions by Christine Sun Kim in Amsterdam:
AVAILABLE SPACES at Broedplaats Lely, BUSY DAY through the radio station JaJaJaNeeNeeNee, and CLOSE READINGS at nightclub De School. 

To celebrate this unique moment within the two-month Christine Sun Kim project, De Appel is organising a walk through all three interventions.



Start: De Appel (thinks), Broedplaats Lely, Schipluidenlaan 12

Finish: De School, Dr Jan van Breemenstraat 3

Starting at Broedplaats Lely, De Appel director Niels Van Tomme will walk through AVAILABLE SPACES and share his thoughts on the remarkable collaboration with Christine Sun Kim, after which we will continue to collectively walk to De School through the Rembrandt park, while listening to the radio broadcast of BUSY DAY on JaJaJaNeeNeeNee (bring your own headphones!). Arriving at De School around 5 pm, you will have the opportunity to see the two video-installations by Christine Sun Kim and join us at the bar for a drink.

This event marks the finissage of the presentation at De School. The intervention at Broedplaats Lely will be on view until 20th August 2017.

Admission: Free* (please bring your own smartphone and headphones)
*Please note that an 
RSVP is required, via

If you can’t participate in the walk you can always tune in on to listen to the 24-hour long broadcast intervention of Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader from midnight on 7th July until midnight on 8th July.

For more information on the three interventions, see below:

- BUSY DAY radio broadcast by Christine Sun Kim and Thomas Mader

- CLOSE READINGS a presentation of two video-installations at De School

- AVAILBLE SPACES a presentation of two series of drawings by Christine Sun Kim at De Appel (thinks)


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