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A Whole and Two Halves - Simon Morris

Project Spaces PS

Madurastraat 72
1094 GR Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 47830952

Open Sat / 13-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Exhibition 5 Nov — 2 Dec

Opening 5 Nov, 16-18 hrs


Courtesy of Project Space

Simon Morris presents work for the first time in Amsterdam bringing together two works not previously exhibited together, A painting A Whole and Two Halves (yellow ochre)and a wall drawing Black Water Colour

A Whole and Two Halves (yellow ochre) reacts to light. The reflective surface both reveals and conceals colour and material. Daylight is synchronised with the viewer’s movement. These paintings are spatial, in A Whole and Two Halves, through three simple applications space divides, and colour accumulates. Gravity is an essential part of the process, dispersing pigment over time creating edge and shape. 

The wall drawing Black Water Colour, explores Morris’s interest in the relationship between painting and architecture. Painting directly on to the walls of the gallery. Morris uses reduction and repetition as a way of simplifying things, while bringing the spatial qualities of light, time and space of painting into focus. 


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