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Archive Event I - Imprinted Mater

Project Spaces Looiersgracht 60

Looiersgracht 60
1016 VT Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 7728006

Open Wed - Sun / 12-20 hrs (during scheduled exhibitions)

Conversation 28 Oct

Time 28 Oct, 16-18 hrs


In conjunction with the exhibition ‘Imprinted Mater' Looiersgracht 60 will be organising the first of its Archive Series* events on 28 October 2017. The work of Dutch-Argentine artist Aimée Zito Lema highlights how important it is for societies to reflect upon their traumatic memories in order to move forward. To look at histories and memories, one inevitably turns to the archive – an area that has been increasingly engaged with in contemporary art and art history. The archive however, is malleable, pointing to the difficulties of recording history. This evening will explore Zito Lema’s work and the importance of the archive in terms of traumatic memory, photography and recording history. Special attention will be given to erasure and silences in archives and histories and how art can contribute to a fuller understanding of past events. The artist will be present to discuss these themes with curator and researcher Amal Alhaag.

Amal Alhaag
Alhaag is an independent curator, cultural programmer and radio host. Through collaborations with artists, institutions and audiences, she explores counter-culture, oral histories and international social issues. Alhaag is currently the artistic director for Metro54, a contemporary urban culture platform while also doing programming for the Research Institute of Material Culture. She is also the curator of public programming at Framer Framed, a global art platform for critical reflection in Amsterdam. Prior to this she worked with a number of noteworthy institutions including the NODE, Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin (2012), the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam (2009-2012) and at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam (2013/2014).

* Archive Series

Throughout its history as a cardboard factory, a beer bottling plant and its current use as an exhibition space, Looiersgracht 60 has had many functions - all of which have left their traces on the building. When the space was refurbished in 2013, the building’s historic elements were preserved in situ. Looiersgracht 60 now invites exhibiting artists, designers and architects to interact with the building and to respond to it. It is not a white cube or blank canvas, but rather a historied space that offers inspiration.

In light of this, Looiersgracht 60 launched the Archive Series. These events can be situated within the growing appetite for intense reflection on the archive in contemporary art. Our desire for encyclopaedic knowledge manifests in the impulse to archive - to collect. Far from being a mere container of knowledge, the archive is a conduit for fragmented scraps of culture to come together and function as signifiers of who we are, and why. Each series of events will facilitate discourse about new attitudes and perspectives within archival practices at Looiersgracht 60 and beyond. They will be as much about the importance of building archives, as about (de)constructing them; the dangers of labelling, indexing, classifying events and the fragmentary nature of archives. Open ended and discursive, the series will provide a platform for the examination and critical exploration of how events are historicised, imagined and represented.

The discussion starts at 16:00 on October 28, followed by questions from the audience, after which the event will close with some refreshments.


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