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Art Coming Out - All Colours of the Rainbow

Others De Nederlandsche Bank - Art Gallery

Westeinde 1
1017 ZN Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 5242183

Open Mon - Fri / 9-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Visitors will be asked to show valid proof of identity.

Exhibition 26 Jan — 8 Mar


Rainbow dress
The exhibition aims to connect, inspire and stimulate all visitors. It features works by the artist Charlotte Schleiffert, a video by Astrit Ismaili, works from the collection plus the iconic Rainbowdress. Together, the works respond to GayNB's wish to give visibility to diversity and sexual preferences within all involved at De Nederlandsche Bank and to engage in a dialogue about the subject.

Art Coming Out - All Colors of the Rainbow shows the art of today, against the background of social issues.


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Günter Tuzina, Ein anderer Tag, 2018, mixed media on wood, ø 33 cm