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DocLab Live: Bloodless - Guided by the Ghost of a Korean Sex Worker

Museums/Institutes EYE Filmmuseum

IJpromenade 1
1031 KT Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 5981400

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Conversation 25 Nov

Time 25 Nov, 17-18:30 hrs


A presentation on the occasion of the VR installation Bloodless by Gina Kim, about the tragic end of a young Korean sex worker. Namhee Han (assistent professor Korea Studies University of Leiden), Annelies Termeer (projectleader digital VPRO) and director Gina Kim (live skypestream) explore historical footage from EYE’s collection and research material provided by Gina Kim about the impact of the American military presence in South Korea. A primary focus this evening is how various media have represented the conflict throughout time and to what effect.  

Gina Kim (1973) is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. Her VR installation Bloodless (12’) –screened in EYE’s VR Room from 16-26 November – won the Best VR Story Award at the Venice International Film Festival. The 360-degree film reveals the backdrop to the murder of a young sex worker in Dongducheon, a camp town in South Korea where some six thousand American soldiers are based.

In Bloodless – Guided by the Ghost of a Korean Sex Worker, the filmmaker reflects on the backgrounds to her compelling VR project via live Skype.

The reconstruction of the last minutes in the life of a young Korean prostitute who was brutally murdered by an American soldier in 1992 served as an eye-opener to Kim. The presence of some forty thousand American soldiers stationed in bases across South Korea has given rise to some hundred ‘camp towns’ that draw numerous young women who are forced to live there as sex workers.

The interview with Kim is cut with historical footage on the Korean War and the American military presence in South Korea since the 1950s. There is also recent footage from South Korea, based on Kim’s research for the installation.

The programme around Gina Kim is a collaboration between EYE, IDFA, DocLab and Amsterdam Art Weekend.  

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