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Drawn Objects - Bernadette Beunk and Maria Schilder

Project Spaces puntWG

WG Plein (opposite no. 80)
1054DM Amsterdam

Open Sat - Sun / 14-18 hrs
+ by appointment

Exhibition 15 Apr — 23 Apr

Opening 15 Apr, 17-19 hrs


Bernadette Beunk en Maria Schilder

About one year ago Bernadette Beunk and Maria Schilder joined together to combine their respective art disciplines. The serenity of Beunk's abstract world and Schilder's objects are being matched in the synthesis of painted and drawn objects. This is the second time their collaborative work is being shown. Along with collaborative works individual pieces are shown, so the viewer can place the results of this collaboration in the perspective of the artists' original artwork.

Bernadette Beunk's drawings can be viewed as condensed sensory impressions. For the artist the place of every individual work in the order of creation is essential. Every work is intimately related to the works created before and after it. The creative process is a forward thrust propelled by the inexhaustive curiosity about the possibilities embodied in the drawn line. After some time the creation dates of the drawings lose their importance. When the work is ready to be shown independent series are put together following purely formal criteria only.

Maria Schilder pursues forms which are barely visible, yet expressive and captivating. That allure is what fascinates her. The forms often turn out to be sensuous in nature.

*Exhibition opening times:
Sat - Mon, Thu - Sun 14 - 18 hrs




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