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Emptiness and Infinite space II - Rumiko Hagiwara & Rosa Johanna

Project Spaces Arti et Amicitiae

Rokin 112
1012LB Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6245134

Open Tue - Sun / 12-18 hrs

Event 23 Nov

Time 23 Nov, 14:30-18 hrs


Rosa Johanna - Latitude -12.0432/Longitude -77.0282, 2017

Artists:  Rumiko Hagiwara & Rosa Johanna
Lecture: Woei Lien Chong
Moderator: Laurens Landeweerd

Emptiness and Infinite space No2 will take place on 23rd November 2017 at Arti et Amicitiae and will consist of works by Rumiko Hagiwara, Rosa Johanna and lecture by Woei Lien Chong. The event will look at the concept of emptiness through texts by the influential Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi

The symposium will concentrate on texts by Zhuangzi that is known for the humoristic and deep parables. Hagiwara will present her work “Ghost in silence”, an installation that combines sound and slide projection as a special performance edition. For the title, she borrows from the  Chinese word “youmo (幽默)” which is a transliteration of the English word “humor”. Rosa Johanna will focus on the essay and work How to do Things Without Words and her recent stay in Peru presenting a series of short films. The event will be moderated by Laurens Landeweerd.

Emptiness and Infinite space is a series of symposia organized by Filosofie Oost West and Arti et Amicitiae that will be finalized with a publication and an exhibition in 2019. The symposia evolve around the concept of emptiness and it's position in Eastern and Western philosophy. Ever since Plato, the concept of emptiness has been ignored in western philosophy, while in eastern traditions it always is a fundamental one. Noticing that emptiness plays an important role in contemporary arts, for each symposium a group of artist is asked to react on this concept. By bringing together art and philosophy during the symposia we ask if the dialogues between this two practices can move us further in understanding such concepts.

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