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Happy Arcade - Anne-Marie Twigge

Galleries Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art

Brouwersgracht 161
1015 GG Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 7708990

Open Wed - Sat / 10-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Exhibition 11 May — 6 Jul

Opening 11 May, 18-22 hrs


Samenwerking | Twigge & Tjimkje @Knapontwerp

Exhibition Happy Arcade by Anne-Marie Twigge at gallery Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art

From 11th of May till the 7th of July gallery VZL / Contemporary Art  presents work by Anne-Marie Twigge at Brouwersgracht 161 in Amsterdam. Twigge will do a gallery take over. The mise-en-scene that she previously exhibited at project space 1646 in The Hague and was installed under the same title gets a sequel. When entering the gallery you are immediately confronted with her research into the logic of value. You become part of her research and wonder; what is a prop and what's art? Similar to commercial fairs and retail spaces this exhibition too is continuously renewed. This happens explicitly. Props, art, sounds and the artist will come and go.

Anne-Marie Twigge (1982), Leamington Spa, UK)

Twigge uses knowledge from her longstanding relationship between art and advertising. Her settings point to artificially designed spaces. Settings that entice consumption and confute the emotional as well as economic. Social interests - the wants and the needs -  contribute to the logic by which we order our semantic constructions; posing the questions on how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to others and how we relate to objects? Twigge relishes the complexities of desire and how behaviour is influenced - emotional, sexual, cultural, political, social and economical - . Showing how behaviour is under the influence of commerce and how it impacts on our daily routine and habits. Space plays an important role in artistic research and makes manifestations of behaviour possible. In her work Twigge constructs settings that use print, sculpture, video, installation and performance as ploys.

Twigge was raised in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. After obtaining her BA Business Administration with a focus on commerce, Twigge commenced her professional career in business, working in the fields of marketing and brand communications. Whilst residing in Shanghai, China. She expanded her professional career as a creative consultant and researcher with an artistic practice attending residencies across New York, Mumbai and London before obtaining her Masters degree in Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

The opening of the exhibition is on Thursday 11 May 11th, 18-22 hrs, the artist will be present then.
On Thursday June 15th Jelle Bouwhuis, curator of the Stedelijk Museum will have a conversation with the artist in the gallery

Credits image : Samenwerking | Twigge & Tjimkje @Knapontwerp


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