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Hijacking Karma #3 - group show

Galleries Stigter Van Doesburg

Elandsstraat 90
1016 SH Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6242361

Open Wed - Fri / 11-18 hrs
Sat / 13-18 hrs

7 Mar — 25 Apr

Time 7 Mar, 17-19 hrs


Hijacking Karma #3 Laurence Aëgerter (FR, 1972) Brendan Heshka (CA, 1985) Marius Lut (NL, 1976) Elise van Mourik (NL, 1988) Daniël van Straalen (NL, 1987) Co-curated by Daniël van Straalen Hijacking Karma #3 is a continuation of the previous exhibition Hijacking Karma #2.1 that artist Daniel van Straalen curated at the gallery last month. Two artists have made space for two new ones; Marius Lut and Elise van Mourik, but the content stays the same. It’s still about the origin and authenticity of works of art. What happens when an artist copies or reinterprets a work? Will the friction that occurs between making choices and their outcome, influence the karma of an artwork? Can you even say that an artwork can become an object with a positive or negative charge? Does karma stick or can you hijack your own karma? Marius Lut deals with the rules of formalistic painting without becoming a mere copyist of his predecessors. He is able to find some niches in this vocabulary, which makes his work more like an aha erlebnis. The Dutch artist Elise van Mourik is part of a generation that questions the boundaries between art and design. Objects from daily reality are reshaped into art pieces without loosing the form follows function aspect. They stay recognisable in what they were, but poetic in what they became. The other artists that were also part of #2.1, show new work in this edition. Brendan Heshka - who reinterpreted various shapes occurring in the paintings of Matisse for the previous show - now made a work based on a series of paintings artist Imi Knoebel showed at the Dia Art Foundation. Heshka only changed the scale and in this way the impact the originals had on the viewer differs dramatically from the here shown ini mienie version. Daniel van Straalen comes with an extended version of his paintings based on the Contemporary Art Daily web site. This time he silkscreened different t-shirts on cotton. The original versus mass production, elitism versus art consumerism, are becoming blurred and almost artificial. Can you still speak of an original just by keeping the edition 1/1? In the backspace we continue showing the work of Laurence Aegerter.


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