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I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait – Daniëlle van Ark

Others De Nederlandsche Bank - Art Gallery

Westeinde 1
1017 ZN Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 5242183

Open Mon - Fri / 9-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Visitors will be asked to show valid proof of identity.

Exhibition 18 May — 29 Jun


(c) Daniëlle van Ark

According to the philosopher Ton Lemaire, people today are internally disconnected from the space around them. In Lemaire's words, we are “delocalised”. This means we feel at home more or less everywhere. At the same time we never truly belong anywhere. We are frequently tourists in familiar places, often returning to non-places such as shopping malls, motorways, airports and stations. We have no connection with these places. The waiting room is also one such non-place. In this exhibition, Artist Daniëlle van Ark bases her work on Lemaire’s theory, the function of the exhibition room of De Nederlandsche Bank and the song "Waiting Room" by post-hardcore band Fugazi. This song from the eighties explores themes that are still very relevant today, such as identity, self worth, fear for the future and the need for us to make something of our lives.

The exhibition room itself has been filled with clichéd objects such as old magazines, art hanging on the wall, a hatstand and glass cabinets. A nondescript space where it is not clear who or what you're waiting for, where you are confronted with life itself.

Time stands still

The installation includes sixteen ceramic "chairs" that are on display in the waiting room, modelled on the Eames side chair. This was the first mass-produced plastic chair, an iconic design, a coveted collector's item and the archetypical waiting room chair. Fragile bowls rest on piles of magazines. As the volumes are stacked on top of each other you can't flick through them, and time stands still as it were.


The three glass cases each contain an enlarged copy of a press photograph. Because of how they are presented, it is not possible to see the entire photograph at a single glance. The installation portrays the artist's dualistic relationship with the medium of photography. By displaying the photos behind glass, rolled-up or folded in half, she seeks to juxtapose the elasticity of what a photo is with the legibility of an image.

Universal statements

The five wooden panels are printed with quotes taken from newspapers. These are quotes from famous actors and artists, that the artist herself could have said, or maybe even did. Blown-up copies of postcards depicting landscapes are set at an angle, resembling inkblots from a Rorschach test.

The space appear familiar, but at the same time it is alien.


Please note that visiting the exhibition is by appointment only - call (020) 5242183 or send an e-mail to Identification required.


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