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Like it was in the beginning / a rational approach - Jaap van den Ende

Galleries Akinci

Lijnbaansgracht 317
1017 WZ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 638 04 80

Open Tue - Sat / 13-18 hrs

Exhibition 15 Oct — 19 Nov

Opening 15 Oct, 17-19 hrs


Jaap van den Ende

Jaap van den Ende

Like it was in the beginning

            / a rational approach

                        // een rationele benadering

Like it was in the beginning states the title of Jaap van den Ende’s exhibition at AKINCI. A nod to the fact that Jaap van den Ende has been connected to AKINCI from the start of the gallery’s existence, but most of all a reference to the collocation of his earliest and most recent work that will be presented during this show. A diverse selection of paintings reveal the sweeping development of Jaap van den Ende’s work over a period of half a century. At first sight, this development seems to reveal radical shifts in style and tenor. However, his rational approach is an apparent motif that sparkles through every painting – early and recent alike.

During the sixties and seventies, Jaap van den Ende’s paintings were regarded and highly appreciated as exemplary for functionalist movements in that time. Standing out in their cool, geometric composition and conceptual colour investigations, his abstract paintings gained international esteem and were acquired by numerous private and museum collections. From the nineties onwards, Jaap van den Ende made a startling turn by introducing figurative elements into his work. His current practice is still strongly defined by figuration: close to photorealistic landscapes are submerged by abstractions in colour and form, offering oppositions in reason and emotion, system and intuition, formal and organic semblance all at once. By applying a deliberate ordering – a mechanism that accumulates a certain rhythm, a layered texture – Jaap van den Ende prompts a systematic painting process which, in a way, simulates systems and textures found in nature. The rational approach to landscapes and organic scenes in Jaap van den Ende’s paintings today, and his treatment of these figurative elements on canvas, are in essence still very close to the methodical approach he was famed for fifty years ago. Where at first his ordering originated from abstract geometry, it is now the texture of nature that determine the steps of his process.

Like it was in the beginning shows the extremes in Jaap van den Ende’s rational approach, which has defined his oeuvre from the start. The assembly of his key works together reflect an ordering as well, similar to the ordering found in the paintings themselves, continuing his process of systematization to a sum of its parts. After all, in the end, the parts always prove themselves essential for the whole, every end-result a manifestation of measured beginnings.



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