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Micro-Composition - Cally Spooner

Project Spaces Rozenstraat | a rose is a rose is a rose

At Smoke and Mirrors 
Keizersgracht 253

Open Wed - Sat / 12-18 hrs

Screening 24 Jun

Time 19 hrs


Image: Viola Yeşiltaç, FALIM, 2017

San Serriffe and ROZENSTRAAT present Micro-CompositionThe One Minutes Series of June curated by Cally Spooner. The series consists of 12 One Minute contributions from writers, musicians, exhibition makers, architects and poets, invited by Spooner, who understand well that, no matter how brief, and how urgently assembled, a composition is a composition because it is a continuous present. A distribution of patience, duration, time-sense and equilibrium; an 'arrangement made'.

With an introduction by Cally Spooner, and a reading of Gertrude Stein's Composition as Explanation, Micro-Composition will premiere 24 June at ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose.
Participating Artists:
Ghislaine Leung, Am Nuden Da, Viola Yeşiltaç, Danae Papazymouri, Angelo Custodio, Tyler Coburn, Alex Cecchetti, Roberto Fassone, Jean-Pascal Flavien, David Cunningham, Public Fiction, Jesper List Thomsen.
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