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Navid Nuur

Galleries Martin van Zomeren

Hazenstraat 20
1016 SP Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4208129

Open Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs

27 Nov — 30 Jan

Time 27 Nov, 17-20 hrs


From:  navid nuur <>
Sent:  Thursday, juli 10, 2015  5:36 pm
Subject: gmvz / text
To:  Galerie Martin van Zomeren - Isabella d'Agostino <>
Dear Martin and Isabella, 
OK lets do a show in your a bit weird new space.
About the text for the show...
You could write the standard things about me: what I do etc. etc., it can look extra good when you mention that the Stedelijk and the Centre Pompidou and that Swiss Foundation recently bought more works etc. you know the drill,..
Instead lets do a show with extra info about the works in the show and we keep the explanation more fluid. 
I am in the middle of turning memory chips into a glaze for a pot which I will throw and I am still working on the 3D dilemmas in my life and oohh, of my series of works is after 10 years of ripening in my studio ready to be shown, its skin has matured very well. Also I need to go to Basel, Berlin, Shigaraki, and Cambrigde for some ingredients and tips.  I am in the middle of all these private puzzles which I need to solve and much more and why and what it all means etc, I tell you later. I feel I am on the right track. Because my inner tomtom is loud and clear during this process.
Ps: Martin I know you like football Do you know a hooligan? I need those smoke bombs they use, to dismantle them, there is hidden knowledge there for an artwork
Annyway we speak soooon. 
PSPS: About the title for the show,,...just call it for now: 
We speak soon


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