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OBOL LE for Manhours in Headquarters - Musical Happening & Finissage

Project Spaces P/////AKT

Zeeburgerpad 53
1019 AB Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 54270879

Open Thu - Sun / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Event 26 Feb

Time 17-19 hrs


OBOL LE for Manhours in Headquarters

P/////AKT is proud to present a special musical performance by OBOL LE, during which they will actively respond to Evita Vasiljeva’s solo exhibition Manhours in Headquarters. OBOL LE will weave themselves into the exhibition, plaiting their musical intervention with what is already a living space, while being aware that they might transform their surroundings or be transformed by them; into a state of becoming or falling apart.

OBOL LE is a performative/musical collective that aims to translate ancient cosmology through technological means. They explore the musical meanings of old carpets, which are woven as graphic scores. Working from a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary viewpoint they weave these fragile relationships and admixtures them with pop culture and electronic storytelling.

OBOL LE is Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Jochem van Tol, Frank Rosaly, Paul Koek and Harpo ’t Hart. OBOL LE plays tone generators, tape recorders, synthesizers, voice, percussion, casio and infrasound.

This event is part of P/////AKT’s 2017 exhibition program Thinging.


17.00 hrs bar open

17.30 -18.15 performance (don't be late!)

Admission: Free


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