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Oeuvres - Group exhibition: Finissage 21 March

Galleries Slewe

Kerkstraat 105 A
1017 GD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6257214

Open Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs
+ by appointment

21 Feb — 21 Mar

Time 21 Feb, 17-19 hrs


Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, entitled Oeuvres, a special curated show by John Snijders (*1963). As musician (piano) and artistic director of the Ives Ensemble, Snijders is known for his thoughtful and sensitive performances of contemporary music. He is also an art collector and interested in the visual arts of today. The exhibition opens Saturday February 21 and runs until March 21, 2015.

A finissage with a concert by John Snijders will take place on 21 March at 5pm.

According to Snijders the show will bring together seven artists whose practice is permeated with the idea of obsessiveness and attention to detail through repetition. From meticulously drawing lines to registering tidal variations in drawing, from mapping dead stars and blackness in the universe to making art out of repetitive office work, there is a deep involvement with the process of making marks and surfaces with endless patience and perseverance.

The exhibition features works by Jill Baroff, Tom Benson, Susan Collis, David Connearn, Károly Keserü, Katie Paterson and Ignacio Uriarte and includes drawing, painting, sound installation, photography and a whole lot of counting.

The title is taken from the 2002 book by the French author and visual artist Edouard Levé (1965-2007), in which he describes 533 artistic projects conceived of but not realised by its author.


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