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Opening Artun Alaska Arasli

Project Spaces Rozenstraat | a rose is a rose is a rose

At Smoke and Mirrors 
Keizersgracht 253

Open Wed - Sat / 12-18 hrs

Event 19 Jul

Time 18-20 hrs


detail of Tet-Fatt Chia (2017), Artun Alaska Arasli
For his intervention to Cardena: Warming Up, Artun Alaska Arasli will reflect on Michel Cardena’s themes of warmth by using the artist’s video works to illuminate and frame the exhibition space.
In this final installment of the exhibition, some works by Cardena which were part of earlier contributions will be put back on display, never seen before works will be added, and other works will be removed. The exhibition will activate the entire space and rearrange Cardena’s works, like the interventions that preceded it, to offer a new look on his oeuvre.

About the artist
Artun Alaska Arasli (1987, Ankara) lives and works in Amsterdam. Recent exhibitions and performances include The Beauty Commission at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Hospice at Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam, Hospice at Markus Luttgen Cologne and Metal Fatigue at The Tip, Frankfurt am Main.


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