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Permanent Repetition - group exhibition

Project Spaces Arti et Amicitiae

Rokin 112
1012LB Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6245134

Open Tue - Sun / 12-18 hrs

Exhibition 29 Sep — 29 Oct

Opening 29 Sep, 20-22 hrs


The Act of Painting (TAOP) is a dynamic and international group of artists organizing exhibitions around the world. TAOP always tries to connect to the city or place. Local artists are invited to participate, thinkers, scientists and curators are asked to reflect on the work shown. TAOP is constantly changing in composition, with the connecting factor being their intuitive making process.

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Opening program:
20 hrs - Opening Performance 'The Infinity Games' produced by Marie van Vollenhoven. 
20.45 hrs -  Biologist and psychologist, Gerard Jagers at Akkerhuis will give a speech.
21.30 hrs - DJ 

Geeske Bijker (NL, Berlijn), Raymond Cuijpers (NL, Amsterdam) *curator, Koen Delaere (BE, Tilburg), Lukas Göthman (SE, Stockholm), Eduard Genee (NL, Amsterdam), Bettie van Haaster (NL, Amsterdam), Wieteke Heldens (NL, Den Haag/New York City), Jeroen Hofhuizen (NL, Maastricht), Mark Hosking (GB, Amsterdam), Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis (NL, Wageningen) Jennifer Jordan (DE, Berlijn), Rudy Klomp (NL, Enschede), André Kruysen (NL, Den Haag) Moshekwa Langa (ZA, Parijs), Jonathan Lasker (VS, New York City), Ray Moon (NL, Maastricht), Romee van Oers (NL, Breda), Jacco Olivier (NL, Amsterdam), Lionel Plak (NL, Amsterdam), Thomas Raat (NL, Amsterdam), Yara Said (Sy, Amsterdam), Cole Verhoeven (VS, Amsterdam) *curator, Marie van Vollenhoven (NL, Maastricht) *performance, Charlotte Warsen (DE, Berlijn)​


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