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Resemblant Resemblances - Hyungi Park

Project Spaces puntWG

WG Plein (opposite no. 80)
1054DM Amsterdam

Open Sat - Sun / 14-18 hrs
+ by appointment

Event 27 Oct

Time 17-19 hrs


Hyungi Park. (Left) Untitled, 73x61cm, oil on linen, 2016 (Right) Untitled, 116.8x91cm, oil on linen, 2016

Resemblant Resemblances is a project by Hyungi Park that explores the relation between painting and photographic reproduction.

It is very common to meet works of art through digital or printed media, however, those reproductions often fail to properly represent the original works. According to the French art theorist Andre Malraux in The Voice of Silence, the qualities of pieces of art are deprived of their identity when they are reproduced in photographs.

As a painter, Park considers how the properties of a painting are transformed when a piece is photographed and reproduced in printed or digital forms. In Resemblant Resemblances she experiments with this relationship via a showcase of her paintings and their digitalised reproductions.


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