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Sci Fi Agit Prop - Tamás Kaszás

Museums/Institutes De Appel

Schipluidenlaan 12D4
1062 HE Amsterdam
+31 (0) 206255651

Open Wed – Sat 14-18 hrs 

Exhibition 27 Jan — 1 Apr


Sci Fi Agit Prop is Hungarian artist Tamás Kaszás’ new exhibition project, which unfolds as a post-apocalyptic science fiction scenario across two cities: Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Aalst in Belgium.

The project speculates on questions of collective and solidarity-driven survival techniques for the future. It imagines a post-digital, post-market, post-industrial urban context for which Kaszás proposes fundamentally new ways of living through what he calls the science fiction of ‘agitative propaganda’.

Sci Fi Agit Prop consists of a constellation of art projects in the public space of both Amsterdam and Aalst. These public projects are consecutively rendered more complex as they get presented in the exhibition spaces of De Appel and Netwerk Aalst.


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