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Sincerity after Communism - Ellen Rutten

Project Spaces Castrum Peregrini

Herengracht 401
1017 BP Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6235287

Open Tue - Fri / 12-18 hrs 

Conversation 12 Dec

Time 19-21 hrs


With Eva Cukier (NRC handelsblad), Geert Lovink (Institute for Networked Cultures), Fabienne Rachmadiev (UvA / de gids), Ellen Rutten (UvA), Sjeng Scheijen (Leiden university), Nadia de Vries (uva)

What does sincerity mean in a world with a trauma- and hypocrisy-laden past? How to stay true to yourself in a hardcore capitalist reality? How to be sincere in a hypermediatized world? These questions occupy writers, bloggers, artists, philosophers, and politicians in multiple world localities today. They resonate with force in Russia, where talk about sincere behaviour blends in with transnational thinking and feeds upon the Soviet past.

‘Sincerity after Communism’ is an evening marking the publication of the book with the same name by Ellen Rutten, professor of Russian & Slavic studies at Amsterdam University. The speakers jointly ponder Russian and transnational pleas to revive sincerity in literature, media, art, film, and architecture.

Talks with the author & short performances, followed by drinks.

Eva Cukier (nrc handelsblad), Geert Lovink (institute for networked cultures), Fabienne Rachmadiev (uva / de gids), Ellen Rutten (uva), Sjeng Scheijen (leiden university), Nadia de Vries (uva)

writer/curator Sjeng Scheijen, media critic Geert Lovink, NRC Eastern-Europe editor Eva Cukier, PhD students/poets Nadia de Vries & Fabienne Rachmadiev.

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